What Is Wedding Gown In Chinese

There are five to ten courses of food served. A Dress or several for the Wedding Reception It is during the wedding reception that most Chinese brides choose to wear a Chinese qipao a long red silken gown usually embroidered with a phoenix to symbolize the female partner in marriage.

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Carina Su Yuans wedding While the Western bride has the traditional white gown the Chinese bride has the heavily embellished red kua or qun kua literally meaning skirt and jacket for her wedding dress.

What is wedding gown in chinese. The fabrics the bridal gowns are made from are not up to the quality of the typical designer wedding gowns. Each of the two families hosts their own wedding feasts. Phoenix coronets have been an important part of Chinese wedding attire since Ming dynasty.

In China wedding celebrations go for some days. Chinese Phoenix Coronet凤冠 namely means phoenix crown in Chinese is the most honorable ornaments for ancient women. In America during the reception there are speeches made from the brides father the groom the best man and often the maid of honor.

A traditional Chinese wedding will have guests seeing red. The grand Chinese wedding banquet. Red is considered to be an auspicious color in Chinese so its common for Chinese brides to wear this at some point in their ceremony to bring in luck for their marriage.

The fish yu is an integral part of the feast. But this is a good thing as red is considered an extremely lucky color denoting love good fortune and happiness in Chinese culture. The modern Chinese bride though is now more likely to wear the kua for her tea ceremony.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress Qipao It is Chinese tradition for the bride to wear a red dress called a qipao and to cover her face with a red veil on the wedding day. The first one will usually be a western wedding gown when they standing at the wedding reception lobby welcoming their friends then bride will wear a delicate Chinese long fenggua龙凤褂 to compete the wedding ceremony on the stage after which an elegant Qipao旗袍 will be wore as the couple get mingled and start toasts with their families and friends under the stage. Today many brides continue to uphold the Western custom of wearing white to symbolise innocence and sexual purity when they walk down the aisle.

On average 8 of 10 brides choose it. This includes the invitations the brides outfit and decorations. The wedding banquets are a big affair with colorful decorations and lots of meals served.

This wedding attire is considered as the most classic and representative one among all Chinese wedding dress. For many Chinese women picking the perfect wedding gown actually means picking three dresses. The bride wore a Chinese 裙褂 qún guà a two-piece gown in red.

The giving of toasts by the bride groom and others is a modern addition to the Chinese wedding. The Dragon and Phoenix Jacket is the Chinese traditional wedding gown in Linnan area. The typical traditional dress is called a qipao which has been worn in China since the 17th century.

The more traditional a wedding is the more red you will see. Some of the Chinese wedding dresses sold on the web direct from China I have worked with lacked the linings and inner structure needed to provide a smooth finish while wearing the gown. But before the iconic white wedding gown came to be customary Chinese brides especially those from southern China favoured the qun kua.

The patterns on the jacket are very auspicious onesThe Dragon and Pho. Most women will wear one red qipao a white Western-style gown and a third ball gown throughout the night. It is taken from the American style of toasting.

In Chinese culture red symbolizes happiness prosperity and good luck.

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